Am I at risk?

There are 50,000 people in New Zealand with hepatitis C. Half of them don’t even know they have it.

Some people are more likely to be at risk for hepatitis C than others. 

If you injected drugs (even just once), then there is a chance you have hepatitis C

90% of new hepatitis C cases are in people who have injected drugs. By drug, we mean any drug – not just opioids, methamphetamines and steroids count too.   


Being fit and well doesn’t protect you from Hep C. If you inject its important to get tested. 


You can also get Hep C or be at risk of having Hep C from:

  • A tattoo or body piercing (Unsterile equipment can spread hepatitis C and you never know if all of the equipment used for your tattoo was sterile)
  • Having been in prison
  • If you lived or had medical treatment in South East Asia, China, Eastern Europe or the Middle East
  • If your mother had hepatitis C when you were born
  • If you have a blood transfusion or received blood products before 1992

Many of us will have tattoo’s, piercings or have been to prison so there are even more reasons if these apply to you, to get a test.

  Remember, you can be re-infected with hepatitis C. If you have been treated for it in the past, you may still be at risk.


If you have injected drugs since then or had a tattoo or piercing done, you should get tested again to make sure you haven’t been re-infected. 

There is information on this site on how to get Hep C tested.